An Englishman, raised on a dairy farm in Bath, arrived in San Francisco during a youthful round the world adventure in the early 70's. He was actually on his way home from New Zealand where he had taken some cattle on a ship. He found the 'City by the Bay', fell in love and ended up staying. After 15 years in San Francisco he got married and moved to Marin, to the foot of Mt. Tamalpias. He lived there for another 15 years, started the Honey Farm and then moved further north to the wine country of Sonoma and Napa. He started Sams Farm, a visiting farm for the school kids, and settled in to the community. After many years of drinking the local wines Sam got introduced to the wonderful world of wine-making. Sam was smitten with this newly discovered wonderful art form. His enthusiasm is obvious and you will feel it.



Alison was born and raised in Dublin. She came over to the Bay area a few years ago and found her way up to the Wine Country. She loves it here and says she will never leave.
The transition from beer to wine came naturally for her and now she has become fascinated with the winemaking business. She has acquired a great knowledge of the work in the Vineyards and the Wineries. A tour with Alison is a really fun experience. 


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