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My Tours

 As a guide who lives in the Valley I can show you a very different view of the Wine Country. The experience of visiting the smaller, family owned, wineries will give you a real feeling for how daily life is conducted here in this beautiful region. I have lived here for many years on my farm and know most of the winery owners and winemakers, as we all work and play together. You will get to meet my friends!  By the way, I don't dress in a black suit. I am not sure my friends would recognize me if I did. 

 All tours are specific to you. You will have your own private tour, with your own personal guide. Most visits will include meeting and tasting with those Winemakers or the Winery Owners. Usually we will be the only ones in the winery on our own private visit.  We will typically try to visit 2 wineries in the morning and then depending on the choice of lunch or picnic we can usually visit 2 more in the afternoon. You can decide as the day goes on.

 My tours are a day out in any of the local wine growing regions. I love to go to the smaller, off the beaten track wineries where I know the owners or the wine-makers.

You will get to talk with them and learn about their skillful craft. Some of these wineries are so small (or want to remain hidden) that they may not even be on the wine maps.

Some of you have wineries that you have  to visit so I can work those in also. The contrast between the larger wineries and the small producers is very interesting and educational.


 You may not know anything about wines or wine making. We can tailor your tour to meet the people who will help you to learn about this wonderful art. If time permits or you are willing, we might step away from the script and visit some other local and interesting places.

 By the end of the day you will feel like you know more of the real behind the scenes side of our wine country. As you will be out with a farmer I can tell you all about what is going on out there in the vineyards. I am also fascinated by the history of this area and how it all got started so you might get a dose of that as well.

 I have put a gallery at the bottom of the page so that those of you on phones don't have to scroll through them to reach other content.


 I do encourage you to visit me on Facebook. This is about life around Sonoma. Please also check out the reviews on TripAdvisorThat will give you an idea of what a day out with me is like.

 I love living here and having the opportunity to show it off.

About the tour

 As no tour is the same as another there are no set times or places to visit. When you book with me I will chat with you and get an idea of the kind of places you want to visit. You don't need to know much about wines or the area as I will put the day together for you. If you do know wines and have definite ideas on the wines you are looking to taste or the wineries you want to visit I will work with you on that. We typically set off between 10.00 and 10.30. I will pick you up at your hotel, airbnb etc. or at a convenient location of your choice. At the end of the day I can drop you off wherever you wish.


 I usually try to visit 2 places in the morning and then one or two more in the afternoon. We move at a slower pace as you will meet some charectors along the way and will want to take your time. I recommend a picnic instead of a restaurant as I can find a beautiful spot in the vineyards or in a winery. I have many suggestions about where to get your picnics. If you want lunch at a restaurant I can make recommendations and the reservations. 


 I do not have a limo and I don't dress in a suit. My vehicles are Ford E350s. Plenty of room with forward facing seating and great views.

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 I am Englishman, raised on a dairy farm in Bath. I arrived in San Francisco during a youthful round the world adventure in the early 70's. I was actually on my way home from New Zealand where I had taken some cattle from England on a ship. A great voyage. After delivering the cattle to the buyer I decided to stay in New Zealand but after about a year I got the urge to move on.

 I went up to Auckland and managed to get on a Greek freighter that was sailing back to Greece. I worked my way over from Auckland to Acapulco. The ship stopped there on business and I got off and hitched up through Mexico. My intention was to continue up the West Coast into Canada and then back to England. However I found the 'City by the Bay', fell in love and ended up staying. After 15 years in San Francisco I got married and moved to Marin, to the foot of Mt. Tamalpias.

 I lived there for another 15 years, started the Honey Farm and then moved further north to the wine country of Sonoma and Napa. We bought a small ranch and started Sams Farm, a visiting farm for the school kids, and settled in to the community. The farm is now On Honey Farm. Visit the website to get an idea of my life around this beautiful little town. I also make Wine Barrel furniture that you can see there.


 After many years of drinking the local wines I got introduced to the wonderful world of wine-making. I was smitten with this newly discovered wonderful art form.  After my wife died in 2009. I was persuaded by my friends to get out in the world again. One of them was doing wine tours. He took me out and it just 'hit me'. I got the bug. I now go out every day with enthusiasm and hopefully you will feel that.

Things to do in Sonoma

Here are some other fun activities and places to stay in Sonoma. These are locally owned and run by my friends here in Wine Country.


 Sonoma AdventuresGuided bike tours and segway tours, Local wineries are on the agenda. Rent  bikes for your own day out. Whatever you choose you will love it.

 Sonoma Food Tour: An amazing walking tour of Sonoma. Full of history and off the beaten track      behind the scenes visits to places in our town.

Places to stay

Sonoma Garden Retreat: A great Airbnb house in the Boyes Hot Springs area of Sonoma. Close to everything.


Sonoma's Best: Beautiful guest cottages on the East side of the plaza. Great coffee and delicatessen.

Mendocino Getaway:

 I have a beautiful little house near the ocean up at Manchester, Mendocino. It's about 3 hours North of Sonoma and is like going back in time. Very quiet in rural setting with the Pacific ocean next door. Review it on Airbnb

Gallery of Guests